The perfect prom outfit on a budget. (part one-dress)

Prom for me isn’t a massive deal and I’ve personally never seen the logic in spending hundreds of pounds for one night that isn’t even your wedding day.

So, when I started to look for dresses I was shocked at how expensive some dresses were, even dresses from high street stores were more than £100 and I really didn’t want to spend that much before even considering buying shoes and paying for hair, make-up and transport.

I sort of knew what sort of dress I wanted; like a fishtail dress, black and lacy with a leg split if possible, however every dress I liked was either from America or was  £££.

I was doing a bit of online shopping on boohoo and noticed they sold ‘evening dresses’ so I had a look and found a dress I instantly fell in love with, it ticked all the boxes for me;

Boohoo Maddie lace back front thigh split maxi dress

I fell in love with the lace detail on the dress and it hugged my figure nicely as it highlighted my curves in all the right places.

Boohoo Maddie lace back front thigh split maxi dress

-Side of dress                                                             -Back of dress

The only negative part about this dress is the fact you have to be very careful with the zip as it is surrounded by lace as you can see in the picture above, so if the lace was caught in the zip it would rip very easily.

As the back of the dress is full lace, I would recommend buying a stick on bra as the dress is quite thin at the front. I brought my stick on bra from primark for £5.00 and it worked perfectly, however you can buy cheaper ones on ebay or amazon.

This dress only costs £25.00 which I thought was a really good price for anyone, especially as you can wear this dress more than once as it isn’t originally designed for ‘prom’ so you could get many uses out of it.

This dress also has a leg split on the left side of the dress which I personally really liked as it wasn’t too high up the thigh but was still noticeable.

Boohoo Maddie lace back front thigh split maxi dress Leg split

Another plus about this dress is that  you can machine wash it so you wont need to spend money on dry cleaning either!

You can find this dress and many more like it on the boohoo website.


6 thoughts on “The perfect prom outfit on a budget. (part one-dress)

  1. This dress looks amazing, and a complete bargain. Mush better idea to spend less on a prom dress I have never understood why you would want to spend a fortune just for one evening.

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  2. Fabulous dress, you look wonderful in it. I’m really pleased to see a post from a teenager about prom on a budget, most of the teens I know have had their parents spend crazy amounts on their proms so it’s refreshing to see a different angle on it.

    Liked by 1 person

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