The perfect prom outfit on a budget (Part three- Shoes and clutch)

I’ve always loved shoes and from the moment I saw these I knew I had to get them.

I found these shoes in BHS (British home stores) when I was shopping with my mum and I knew they would be perfect for prom as they looked classy and had small heel (2.3 inches) so 1) I’d actually be able to walk in them and 2) my feet wouldn’t ache the next day.

Teal Fashion Wide Fit Ankle Strap Court Shoe.jpg 2

I really like the strap that goes over the side of the foot and the small buckle on the side of the ankle as I think it makes the shoes look classy and fashionable. This shoe also comes in a teal colour.

They cost £25.00, which is a reasonable price for a pair of heels but obviously you  can get cheaper, but for the price I thought the shoe was really good quality and they were very comfortable.

The only bad part about this shoe is that the material is suede-like so obviously you don’t really want to get them wet.

You can find this shoe and other shoes like this on the BHS website.

I’ll have to admit, I was surprised with my next purchase.

Clutch wise, I didn’t really know what I wanted, whether to go black or to go sliver and have a statement clutch.

Personally I would have never imagined going to Quiz to look for prom clutches so I was surprised when I found one I liked straight away.

When I was still shopping in Debenhams, I came across this bag which is black, but the material has faint silver sparkles in it so it was great for me as it wasn’t too over the top but went with my whole outfit, including my jewellery.

Quiz Silver Sparkle Shimmer Clutch.jpg 2

As you can see in this the silver shimmer isn’t too over the top.

The Clutch comes with a removable metal strap so if you preferred to wear it as a bag instead you can, which is good idea if you want to use this bag for many different occasions as you can dress your outfit up or dress it down.

Quiz Silver Sparkle Shimmer Clutch.jpg 2

The inside of the clutch is a decent size considering it is a clutch. I managed to fit a small purse, lipstick and my phone inside and there was lots of room left so there would be plenty of room for anything else you might need to take on a night out.

There is also small pocket on the inside which is big enough for a lipstick, however there is not a zip so things like money and keys wouldn’t be safe in there.

For £15.00 I thought it was an good price, you can reuse this bag/cutch multiple times, as it is black, it will go with pretty much any outfit and I personally really like it.

The only downside to it, when I was looking at the Debenhams website and the Quiz website, they both only sold it in white, so I’m not sure if the black is still available to buy or not.

The white clutch or similar clutches/ bags can be found on either the debenhams website or the Quiz website.


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