Night time beauty routine

Looking after your skin is one of the most important things you should do. Even when you are tired you should take time to thoroughly take your make up off and cleanse your face. 

  1. Remove make-up.

It’s important to remove all of your make-up before cleansing to ensure that your face is completely clean. I use the simple purifying cleansing lotion and the simple eye make-up remover because I find that they do not irritate my eyes or face. The eye make-up remover removes waterproof mascara and is not harsh on my lashes. The cleansing lotion doesn’t make my skin feel greasy either which I have found previously with other cleansing lotions.

I would not recommend using make-up wipes to remove your make-up as they can be harsh to your skin and usually are not free from bacteria so can make your skin very bad.


The Cleansing lotion is £3.29, and the Eye-makeup remover is £3.39 which is a great price and is affordable. I would recommend these products to everyone as they are perfect for people who have sensitive skin. 

2. Wash your face

I love all the simple cleansers and scrubs but recently I have been loving the oil balancing facial scrubIt contains witch hazel which is really good for skin as it helps reduce blemishes. This scrub is also really good for removing blackheads and reduces shine for oily skin. 

Simple face scrub

For £3.99 I think that this scrub is a reasonable price for everyone and it really works. It’s also good for people that have sensitive skin as there aren’t many chemicals that will upset your skin.

3. Cleanse

I like using the Clean&Clear deep cleansing lotion as it helps reduce blemishes and helps prevent them in the future. This product is also good for people who have sensitive skin, and my face always feels fresh and clean after I have used this.

For £3.15, I think this is great value. One bottle tends to last me 1-2 months and I use it both day and night so your money goes along way. I would recommend this too all skin types.

4. Moisturise 

To moisturise my face I use Simple replenishing Rich MoisturiserI use the Rich moisturiser as I’m outside in the cold every day and my skin feels dry and tight a lot, but if you have quite moisturised skin anyway I would recommended the Simple replenishing Light Moisturiser, I tend to use this during the summer months and it works just as well.

Simple kind to skin

For £4.19, I think this is great value as it keeps my skin moisturised up to 12 hours and the bottle lasts along time. This product is also good for people with sensitive skin and doesn’t clog up your pores unlike other moisturisers that I have used in the past. 

During the day, I tend to use this product before using the Nivea tinted moisturising cream that I mentioned in a previous post, but you can also use this product under your foundation

You can buy all of these products on the boots website. I would highly recommend each of these products. 


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