My Fashion Wishlist 2015

Just like my Make-up wish list I’ve decided to make a fashion wishlist if money wasn’t an object.

 1. Micheal Kors Madelyn Pavé Gold-Tone Watch

MICHAEL KORS Madelyn Pavé Gold-Tone Watch

This is one thing I dream about having because I know it’s not something that me or my parents can afford, however I love it. I think watches can make an outfit look more classy, however it’s not something that I would wear everyday.

If have a watch that is a cheaper alternative to this please let me know in the comments!


2. Oysho Fluffy Robe With Animal Ears

Oysho Fluffy Robe With Animal Ears

HOW CUTE!! The only reason why I haven’t purchased this is because it’s never in stock on the ASOS website! If you know where I can buy one similar to this please let me know asap! 


3. Nike Flash Tights

Nike Flash Tights

I would never spend £90 on running leggings, but ever since I saw them I fell in love. They reflect in the dark which is perfect for running during the winter nights and they look pretty cool.

Nike flash leggings

I need to keep on dreaming because they are very expensive!


4. Mille- St Tropez Sun Triangl bikni


I think Triangl Bikini look so pretty on people and I would love to have one! This is my favourite colour too so this would be perfect. However the reason why I have not purchased this, even though I go away 1-2 times a year I still feel like I wouldn’t get enough use out of it and I tend to get bored of bikinis after wearing them on holiday a few times so until I get over that stage I don’t want to invest in something that expensive.  


5. Michael Kors-Dillon Saffiano Leather Satchel

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Dillon Saffiano Leather Satchel

I love love love this bag. I am a huge lover of handbags and I love this one! It’s a Merlot colour which I love for this time of year, it’s very spacious and wow I love it. It looks classy with both jeans or a dress which is perfect.

However it costs £200 which is why I haven’t got this yet. 

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