Lamora eye brush set review

As some of you will know from my other blog post I have been looking for make-up brushes for a while.

When I ordered these from Amazon I was a bit reluctant because I didn’t know the brand, I had no idea what they felt like or what the quality was like.

However there were lots of good reviews so I just thought why not, and I must say I am very impressed.

I have been using these brushes for a while and not one hair has fallen out, they are very soft and they are very useful when you want to blend.

laumora 1

The angle detailer

Angle Detailer

This is perfect for using eye shadow as eyeliner as you can easily get the eye lash line with this brush, however it is also very good for using in the inside corner of your eyelid.

The small shader

small shader

I use this for the middle part of my eyelid to blend in the crease and the inside corner shadows in which I feel works really well.

The angled shader

Angle Shader.jpg

I tend to find that this brush is too big to use as eye shadow, so I tend to use it for blending in my under-eye concealer when I have dark circles as the angle allows you to work all the way up to the lash line for an even finish.

The detailed pencil

Detailed pencil

I tend to use this brush for the inside of my eye lid because it is so small, I’m not sure I have fully grown to love this brush yet because it is so small it doesn’t really feel like it’s doing much.

The blending brush.

Blending brush

This is the best blending brush I have used, and I would defiantly recommend this.

The precise shader

Precise Shader

Again this brush is very small so I tend to use this in the corner of my eye with a lighter shade as I feel like it can make eyes look lighter and bigger.

The classic shader

Classic Shadrer

This brush is quite thick so I either tend to use it for the base eye shadow towards the middle of my eyelid or I use it to blend in concealer, in which I find that it works well both ways.

I would recommend these brushes to anyone as they are small enough to fit in a travel bag so are easy to take on holiday or for day trips, but also work amazing and defiantly worth the price as the quality is very good.

For more information on these brushes visit the Lamora Website






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