My best memories of 2015.

So 2015 has been a whirlwind year for me, and I’ve decided to relive some of the happy memories with you through pictures


Croatia 2


ICroatia 3
For the last few years my family and I have gone for a weeks holiday during the May bank holiday to sail with some of our best family friends. This year we sailed around the islands of Croatia. I love these holidays because It is a week full of laughter and fun. Although we did have one sail where the winds were 50 knots (about 55 mph winds) .. thought I was going to die.

Dpan 2

Soain 1

When I was 6 years old, my Grandpa and Grandma moved to Spain, It’s difficult to see them often because it’s not that easy to fly/drive over there for a weekend. However this year for our summer holiday we went and stayed with them. It was so nice to have a catch up, learn about the new bugs that Grandpa had caught over the last few years and all the new plants Grandma had planted (I lost count after 50!)

We went for a day trip to Gibraltar, finally fulfilling my dream of actually meeting a monkey and now I know where the expression ‘Cheeky Monkey’ actually comes from!

London Anniversary games
London Anniversary Games
Going to the London Anniversary Games was the first Athletics event I had ever been too. I honestly felt like I wanted to cry every time someone won because I know how much effort you have to put in every training session just for once race. I have to admit this has been one of my favourite memories from 2015 and I will never forget it.

Me, Beth, Kaiyan.

Me and Beth.

I will never forget prom. It was the last time I will see the majority of my friends from secondary school as we are all going our separate ways, but  even though it’s sad, I will always look back at prom and the last 5 years on all the laughs and memories that I have created with everyone and it will always make me smile.



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