The Beauty Blogger Award

Hey guys!

Another mid week post! What happened to only uploading once a week!

Anyway, I have been nominated for the beauty bloggers award by Georgia , Thank you for nominating me! I love her blog however she does make me want to buy too much with her latest blog posts- ahah I need to stop spending.

I am very pleased to say that this is the second award I have been nominated for this year, creating this blog has been one of the best decisions I have made- I have made so many new friends, learnt lots of new tips and most importantly, I have so far enjoyed every moment of blogging and I’m sure I will continue to love it!

The questions from Georgia

Who is your girl/boy celeb crush?

My boy celeb crush would have to be David Beckham, I don’t always find tattoo’s attractive, however he just looks good with them!

Who is your style icon?

I wouldn’t really say I have a style icon, I kind of go for clothes I like the look of and see what I can make work with it.

What is your favourite drugstore foundation?

Like I have mentioned in various previous posts, I never wear foundation, I just don’t like how it feels on my skin (I tend to just want to take it off as soon as I walk out the door) so I stick to my trusty Nivea tinted moisturising day cream as it feels light on my skin and still gives me coverage.

Which 10 people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?

1, Obviously David Beckham, 2, Jessica Ennis-Hill 3, Mo Farah, 4, James Corden, 5, Michael Mcintyre 6, Miranda Hart 7, Karl Pilkington 8,Marco Pierre White 9, Jimmy Carr, 10, Beyonce (I looks like I’m in for a funny night!)

How do you survive early mornings?

To be honest, I have always been quite an early morning person, at weekends I’ve awake before 9am, I just think having a lie in is just a waste of a day! However since being at college and having to get up at 6:30am, I don’t think I do survive; I tend to get ready half asleep, hence why I hardly wear make-up because I simply cannot be bothered, I then get on the bus for 1 and a half hours, in which I just sleep alot and listen to music to try and wake myself up before I get to college. (I still can’t tell if I’m fully awake when I get to college though)

What is your favourite winter coat?

I brought this coat from QUIZ a couple of years a go and I love it. It’s quite long and black, It has a furry strip between the coat and the hood (quite possibly the worst description ever) But it’s just so cosy and warm. This is the closest thing on the website that looks like it because I did buy it about 2 years go!

Where is your make up bag from?

Ted Baker.

What one outfit would you wear for the rest of your life and why?

My Boohoo white jeans, with my comfy Asos boots with a crop top and a jumper- You could wear this outfit in the winter or in the summer which I like alot and at the minute I have an obsession with black and white so I feel like this outfit is very me!

You can find this outfit on my Instagram.

Do you prefer hot or cold weather?

100% Hot weather! I hate the cold, and plus hot weather means summer which means sun, holidays, family, and I get a tan which I love- I hate feeling pale.

What is one beauty related goal that you have?

To become more adventurous with lipstick colours throughout the different seasons.

My Chosen nominees









  1.  What is your number one go to lipstick?
  2. If you could only use one makeup brand for the rest of your life what would it be?
  3. Heels or Flats?
  4. Which 10 people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?
  5. If you could recommend one skincare item, what would it be?
  6. What brand of makeup brushes do you use most?
  7. What is your favourite product you own?
  8. What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
  9. Your favourite memory of 2015?
  10. What is your favourite post that you’ve written?

If you have been tagged, don’t feel like you HAVE to do this, it’s just a bit of fun, I found it really hard choosing only 10 bloggers so if you would like to do this tag then feel free and pop me a comment to say you’ve done it so I can read them!



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