Hobbycraft haul!

As some of you many know from a recent blog post, one of my new year’s resolutions  was to create a memory jar. This is where everyday, you write a positive thing that has happened to you that day and at the end of the year you read back and ‘relive’ the happy memories of that year.

So when I was looking on the hobbycraft website, i knew this was the first thing I had to buy- A jar suitable for this.

This was the jar i found, originally I didn’t think it would be this big, however I think that the jar is perfect for what I want to do, and I can keep reusing it.

Hobbycraft jar

I like how it has a painted on chalkboard at the front to write whatever you want too, I just wrote 2016, as this is relevant to me, however you could put pasta in it and write pasta!

However I wouldn’t say the chalk lasts along time once it is written on- Just like any chalkboard, it will smudge and wear with time.

Memory jar

This is what my memory jar looks like so far!

You can pick this jar up from the hobbycraft website for £2.00, however with student discount, it cost me £1.80, which I thought was excellent value for money.

Another thing I really want to do is create a scrapbook full of memories/pictures, so I brought this scrapbook.- no doubt ill keep you updated with how it’s going!

hobbycraft scrapbook

I liked this because every page is plain brown, so you can create a different look on every page, I also liked how the ribbon at the end, as my previous scrapbooks that I have done in the past have fallen part, however the ribbon should keep everything together in one place.

The pages are also thick and good quality, you can pick a scrapbook book up from hobbycraft  for around £6.00, however with a student discount, it costs £5.40.

I also wanted to make my scrapbook look fun and interesting, so I brought a silver sharpie, 72 pieces of good quality paper and some glue.

hobbycraft glue

The glue costs £1.00 but £0.80 with the student discount, which I think is really good value as it will last along time and you can use it on multiple projects.

hobbycraft back to basicshobbycraft back to basics 3hobbycraft back to basics 2

This is the paper, there are 72 sheets of pink girly 6x6in thick paper. I brought this for £4.00 (£3.60 with student discount) which I thought was very good value. You can buy this pack of paper or many that are similar here.

This is the silver marker pen, It costs £2.50 (£2.25 with student discount) which I thought was cheap as you can obviously use this for various different projects.

hobbycraft silverpen


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