Mid-Week Q&A

So on twitter and Instagram, I asked you guys to send me some questions for me to answer, so you can all find out a little bit more about me!

The first question is from Gemma,

If you could do any job then what would it be and why?

I think my life time goal job would be, doing personal training on the beaches of Australia. I mean come on, sun, sea, beaches all year round?! Minus all the creepy crawlies..

The next question is from DenbraberBeauty 

Why did you start blogging and when?

One of the main reasons why I started blogging because my Aunite does. Whenever I saw her, we would talk about blogging and I was going to make one a few years back but I had no time, so after exams I finally created one and I do not regret it at all! Another reason I started blogging is because I never really had much confidence, I used to be quite nervous about doing certain things or being around people I didn’t really know, but I knew that if I started blogging I would probably come out of my shell a bit more because I can voice my opinions and I can’t see the people that are reading and judging me.

DenbraberBeauty also asked

how long does it take you to write a blog post?

It really depends on what sort of post it is, if it’s a sit down long chatty post, It would take me a few days, because I tend to write it and read over it several times to make sure everything makes sense ect, but I can easily do 1-2 haul posts a day, without including editing and taking pictures ect.

The next question is from desire4beauty

What would you tell your 13 year old self?

To not care what anyone else thinks. I used to be that girl that cared about what everyone thought of me, and when I used to get ‘hated on’ I always blamed myself and thought I wasn’t good enough for anyone. But as I have got older I have realised that you can’t make everyone happy so there is no point in even trying. Wear something because you want to wear it, Be someone that you want to be, don’t change to be liked or you will never be happy.

This question is from Charlotte 

Which blog post have you enjoyed writing the most and why? 

I have really only been blogging 4/5 months so I haven’t really written many posts, however my favourite one so far has to be looking back over 2015, throughout the year you make so many memories that you start to forget some, so looking back and remembering everything was really nice.

Where is your happy place?

I think I have a few happy places, one would be at my Nan&Grandad’s house, ever since I can remember we always used to go to theirs every Sunday for a roast dinner; which were honestly the best, however sadly my Nan got unwell so is no longer able to cook for all 7 of us! But I still get too see them once a week when they come over to my house for tea! I know if I’m ever in trouble I will always be allowed to stay around their house, I will get given enough food to feed at least 500 people (Does anyone else put on at least 5lbs when they visit their Grandparents)?!! When im there I just feel very happy. I think another happy place would be a track, just me, my spikes and the track, running for me is the way I deal with stress ect and training at college is one of the times I do not think about anything else.. because nothing else really matters.


Favourite memory?

Over the last 17 years I have made some amazing memories, many that I never want to forget. I think one that really sticks out for me is going to the London Anniversary Games last year, because I saw Jess Ennis-Hill compete; I think every girl athlete wants to be as good as her, I felt like crying after every race because I know how hard it is to train, and when you win, It is honestly the best feeling ever. This is one memory that will stick with me forever.

Favourite Track to compete at?

I have been doing athletics for the past 6 years and I have competed at many different tracks, however my favourite ones to compete at have been either the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham as it was my first experience of competing in a national stadium, or the Warwick University track- It’s Blue..

That was my Mid-week Q&A, I hope you enjoyed reading it!

I would like to thank everyone that gave me questions to answer, I have also reached 300 followers on Twitter; It may not sound like a lot, but I always thought my Mum would be the only one following and reading my blog!

Twitter : @Itsagirlthingb1

Instagram: Itsagirlthingblogging





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