Small H&M bra haul!

Whenever I go on to twitter or Instagram I always come across bralettes, and some of them are beautiful. I was looking at a website called etsy– where you can buy vintage or handmade products, and I came across some beautiful bralettes however you had to pay shipping fees ect, so my order came to £50 for some bras..

However I discovered some from H&M, and I have fallen in love, they are so cute and so comfortable and they also look really nice on.

H&M bralette

I got them in white/black, however there are various other colours in packs of two or on there own.

I was a bit worried about sizes as it comes in 8,10,12 ect and not 32b,c,d ect. I ordered a size 10, and It fits perfectly and I am normally a 32C-D.

I just think bralettes are so cute and I will 100% buying more! You can buy these bralettes from the H&M website  for £12.99 for two or £6.99 each.

The next bra I ordered was a lace push up bra. I still don’t even know if push up bras work on me however this bra is very comfy, I think it is very pretty and It does give me cleavage too.

h&m bra 2

In this picture It looks strapless- It is not!!

I took a close up of the lace detail of the bra because I love it, it also has a small bow and a little silver  gem in the middle.

H&M bra

I have this bra in the colour Burgundy- however you can get it in 6 different colours.

This bra is in the sale at the minute for £3.00, however it’s normal price is £7.99, which I still think is good value. You can buy this bra or many others like it on the H&M website. 

H&M are also promoting their newsletter at the minute- if you sign up you get 25% of an item of your choice and free delivery!

I also really like the fact that you can return deliveries instore and you don’t have to send it again in the posting allowing for exchanges and refunds to happen alot quicker.


7 thoughts on “Small H&M bra haul!

  1. Why have I never seen a bra haul before? That’s such a good idea- especially because you never really know with sizing until you buy it so the fact that you’ve laid it all out is going to make it 100x easier for me xo thanks b

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