Soap and Glory Christmas Gift Ideas.

There are so many types of Soap and Glory gift sets that are perfect for Christmas presents, for example last year I brought a box full of different Soap and Glory products which I thought was a good idea to give out for presents to different people. This is still available at

However, This year I decided to go for something a bit different. Box view

This is a tube filled with 6 different crackers which is a perfect idea for individual gifts, or if you were having a girls Christmas dinner party, you could give everyone a cracker at the table instead of the traditional crackers.

Inside each cracker is one the following products (6x75ml/6×2.5US FL.Oz)

Soap size

CLEAN ON ME Moisture Shower Gel


RICH & FOAMOUS Shower & Bath Body Wash

FOAM CALL Shower & Bath Body Wash



I really like the idea of having a surprise about what you are going to get in each cracker, a lot like having a traditional Christmas cracker, which is why I really liked the idea.

Inside cracker

Inside each cracker is a different Soap and Glory product and a Christmas hat, which is again, good idea for Christmas Parties or individual presents.

Replacing the not so funny Christmas jokes, Soap and Glory have included words of beauty wisdom.


For £16.00 I think this is amazing value as you are technically getting 6 presents out of it.

You can purchases this Soaprise gift set or many others on the Boots website