Small H&M bra haul!

Whenever I go on to twitter or Instagram I always come across bralettes, and some of them are beautiful. I was looking at a website called etsy– where you can buy vintage or handmade products, and I came across some beautiful bralettes however you had to pay shipping fees ect, so my order came to £50 for some bras..

However I discovered some from H&M, and I have fallen in love, they are so cute and so comfortable and they also look really nice on.

H&M bralette

I got them in white/black, however there are various other colours in packs of two or on there own.

I was a bit worried about sizes as it comes in 8,10,12 ect and not 32b,c,d ect. I ordered a size 10, and It fits perfectly and I am normally a 32C-D.

I just think bralettes are so cute and I will 100% buying more! You can buy these bralettes from the H&M website  for £12.99 for two or £6.99 each.

The next bra I ordered was a lace push up bra. I still don’t even know if push up bras work on me however this bra is very comfy, I think it is very pretty and It does give me cleavage too.

h&m bra 2

In this picture It looks strapless- It is not!!

I took a close up of the lace detail of the bra because I love it, it also has a small bow and a little silver  gem in the middle.

H&M bra

I have this bra in the colour Burgundy- however you can get it in 6 different colours.

This bra is in the sale at the minute for £3.00, however it’s normal price is £7.99, which I still think is good value. You can buy this bra or many others like it on the H&M website. 

H&M are also promoting their newsletter at the minute- if you sign up you get 25% of an item of your choice and free delivery!

I also really like the fact that you can return deliveries instore and you don’t have to send it again in the posting allowing for exchanges and refunds to happen alot quicker.


New year Outfit 

Make up


  • Rimmel match perfection concealer&highlighter-010
  • Nivea tinted moisturising day cream
  • Rimmel clear complexion powder-021


  • Benefit They’re real Mascara- top
  • Soap&Glory Thick&Fast Mascara
  • Lid-Revolution Beyond Flawless- Zorba
  • Crease-Revolution Beyond Flawless-Spice
  • Inner corner- Revolution Beyond Flawless- Dove
  • Lash Line- Mineral
  • Eyebrows-Tawny


  • Orly Colour Blast-Indigo 


  • Dress-Boohoo
  • Shoes-Debenhams


Happy new year!! xx

Lamora eye brush set review

As some of you will know from my other blog post I have been looking for make-up brushes for a while.

When I ordered these from Amazon I was a bit reluctant because I didn’t know the brand, I had no idea what they felt like or what the quality was like.

However there were lots of good reviews so I just thought why not, and I must say I am very impressed.

I have been using these brushes for a while and not one hair has fallen out, they are very soft and they are very useful when you want to blend.

laumora 1

The angle detailer

Angle Detailer

This is perfect for using eye shadow as eyeliner as you can easily get the eye lash line with this brush, however it is also very good for using in the inside corner of your eyelid.

The small shader

small shader

I use this for the middle part of my eyelid to blend in the crease and the inside corner shadows in which I feel works really well.

The angled shader

Angle Shader.jpg

I tend to find that this brush is too big to use as eye shadow, so I tend to use it for blending in my under-eye concealer when I have dark circles as the angle allows you to work all the way up to the lash line for an even finish.

The detailed pencil

Detailed pencil

I tend to use this brush for the inside of my eye lid because it is so small, I’m not sure I have fully grown to love this brush yet because it is so small it doesn’t really feel like it’s doing much.

The blending brush.

Blending brush

This is the best blending brush I have used, and I would defiantly recommend this.

The precise shader

Precise Shader

Again this brush is very small so I tend to use this in the corner of my eye with a lighter shade as I feel like it can make eyes look lighter and bigger.

The classic shader

Classic Shadrer

This brush is quite thick so I either tend to use it for the base eye shadow towards the middle of my eyelid or I use it to blend in concealer, in which I find that it works well both ways.

I would recommend these brushes to anyone as they are small enough to fit in a travel bag so are easy to take on holiday or for day trips, but also work amazing and defiantly worth the price as the quality is very good.

For more information on these brushes visit the Lamora Website





My Fashion Wishlist 2015

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Dillon Saffiano Leather Satchel

Just like my Make-up wish list I’ve decided to make a fashion wishlist if money wasn’t an object.

 1. Micheal Kors Madelyn Pavé Gold-Tone Watch

MICHAEL KORS Madelyn Pavé Gold-Tone Watch

This is one thing I dream about having because I know it’s not something that me or my parents can afford, however I love it. I think watches can make an outfit look more classy, however it’s not something that I would wear everyday.

If have a watch that is a cheaper alternative to this please let me know in the comments!


2. Oysho Fluffy Robe With Animal Ears

Oysho Fluffy Robe With Animal Ears

HOW CUTE!! The only reason why I haven’t purchased this is because it’s never in stock on the ASOS website! If you know where I can buy one similar to this please let me know asap! 


3. Nike Flash Tights

Nike Flash Tights

I would never spend £90 on running leggings, but ever since I saw them I fell in love. They reflect in the dark which is perfect for running during the winter nights and they look pretty cool.

Nike flash leggings

I need to keep on dreaming because they are very expensive!


4. Mille- St Tropez Sun Triangl bikni


I think Triangl Bikini look so pretty on people and I would love to have one! This is my favourite colour too so this would be perfect. However the reason why I have not purchased this, even though I go away 1-2 times a year I still feel like I wouldn’t get enough use out of it and I tend to get bored of bikinis after wearing them on holiday a few times so until I get over that stage I don’t want to invest in something that expensive.  


5. Michael Kors-Dillon Saffiano Leather Satchel

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Dillon Saffiano Leather Satchel

I love love love this bag. I am a huge lover of handbags and I love this one! It’s a Merlot colour which I love for this time of year, it’s very spacious and wow I love it. It looks classy with both jeans or a dress which is perfect.

However it costs £200 which is why I haven’t got this yet. 

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Small Boohoo haul

There’s nothing worse than ordering clothes online for a party or a night out and they don’t arrive in time.

From previous experience, Boohoo’s delivery service has been okay, My orders have always come within 3-5 working days.

However, I ordered some clothes on the Sunday and paid £3.99 for delivery (3-5 working days) meaning it should arrive on the Friday at the latest, as I had a party on the Saturday and needed a new outfit.

Unfortunately, my order wasn’t delivered on the Friday. I had to wait till the following Monday which means I wasn’t able to wear the dress I ordered for Saturday.

Seeing as Boohoo charge £4.00 for standard delivery, I think that they should really deliver within the 3-5 working days, and not 8 days later.

Anyway, let’s start the haul..

I’ve always been a huge fan of Boohoo tops because they are really comfy and are very good quality.  So the first item I picked up was this grey and black top.


Alicia Contrast Neck & Cuff T-shirt. Size 8.


I’m really into grey clothes at the minute so I liked this as soon as I saw it. However I really liked how it isn’t just a plain grey t-shirt, it has black strips on the shoulders and neck line.

For only £8.00, I think this top is great value because the quality is good, you can wear this top for multiple occasions.

To find this top and other tops like this on the Boohoo website.

I’ve struggled to buy jeans that fit me for a long time now so I’ve always been really hesitant to buy trousers or jeans online because obviously you can’t try them on before you buy them so I have no idea if they fit me.

However I have found that high waisted jeans really good as I struggle to find jeans that aren’t baggy at the back but certain high waisted jeans fit me at the waist really well.

The first pair on Trousers I picked up were these blue high waisted jeans.


I personally think the quality of these jeans are really good, they are very comfy after several washes they don’t go baggy in any areas.

Its difficult to find jeans that don’t fade in the wash, however these jeans haven’t faded and have been wash multiple times, however the dye from the trousers can stain other materials which isn’t great.

These jeans cost £25.00 which isn’t bad for a pair of jeans, as they are good quality and they don’t go baggy unlike a lot of jeans.

To find these jeans and other jeans like this, visit the Boohoo website.

The next pair of trousers I found were these white jeggings.



From the website these jeggings looked very tight and high wasted, which is why I brought them as I didn’t think I would have a problem with them fitting me around the waist.

However after one day of wearing them, they have gone very bagging at the knees, at the waist and at the ankles. Meaning they no longer fit me around the waist, and I can’t use a belt as there aren’t any belt loops.

Also, the waist line looks a lot higher on the website than what it is in real life.

The quality of the material is very thick as you cannot see any coloured underwear through them, which was something I was worried about considering they are white leggings.

However considering they cost £20.00, they are reasonable, and the material of the jegging is thick, the only downside is they don’t keep there shape after wearing or washing them.

The last item of clothing I picked up was this black dress;


I originally brought this dress for a party, but as I mentioned before, it hadn’t arrived in time.

This dress is made from stretch jersey material, which means it will always be figure hugging despite how many times you wash it, which personally I like as I can’t stand it when clothes go baggy after being washed.

Some black dresses can look quite plain if you don’t wear it with a clutch or some statement heels, but this dress had ‘spaghetti’ straps;


Sarah Spaghetti strap bodycon dress. Size 8.

In which I think look simple but effective, making the dress look more delicate, so you can get away with just wearing the dress without an accessories and not look boring or that you have made no effort with your outfit.

The only downside to the straps are that you cannot wear a bra with wide straps as the dress straps are very thin.

So, if you are buying this dress I’d recommend buy either a stick on bra or a strapless bra, in which you can get both quite cheap from places like amazon.

The dress only cost £10.00, which I personally think is great value as the quality is good and it’s very comfy as the material is very soft.

You can buy this dress or other party dresses at the boohoo website.

The perfect prom outfit on a budget (Part three- Shoes and clutch)

shoes and bag

I’ve always loved shoes and from the moment I saw these I knew I had to get them.

I found these shoes in BHS (British home stores) when I was shopping with my mum and I knew they would be perfect for prom as they looked classy and had small heel (2.3 inches) so 1) I’d actually be able to walk in them and 2) my feet wouldn’t ache the next day.

Teal Fashion Wide Fit Ankle Strap Court Shoe.jpg 2

I really like the strap that goes over the side of the foot and the small buckle on the side of the ankle as I think it makes the shoes look classy and fashionable. This shoe also comes in a teal colour.

They cost £25.00, which is a reasonable price for a pair of heels but obviously you  can get cheaper, but for the price I thought the shoe was really good quality and they were very comfortable.

The only bad part about this shoe is that the material is suede-like so obviously you don’t really want to get them wet.

You can find this shoe and other shoes like this on the BHS website.

I’ll have to admit, I was surprised with my next purchase.

Clutch wise, I didn’t really know what I wanted, whether to go black or to go sliver and have a statement clutch.

Personally I would have never imagined going to Quiz to look for prom clutches so I was surprised when I found one I liked straight away.

When I was still shopping in Debenhams, I came across this bag which is black, but the material has faint silver sparkles in it so it was great for me as it wasn’t too over the top but went with my whole outfit, including my jewellery.

Quiz Silver Sparkle Shimmer Clutch.jpg 2

As you can see in this the silver shimmer isn’t too over the top.

The Clutch comes with a removable metal strap so if you preferred to wear it as a bag instead you can, which is good idea if you want to use this bag for many different occasions as you can dress your outfit up or dress it down.

Quiz Silver Sparkle Shimmer Clutch.jpg 2

The inside of the clutch is a decent size considering it is a clutch. I managed to fit a small purse, lipstick and my phone inside and there was lots of room left so there would be plenty of room for anything else you might need to take on a night out.

There is also small pocket on the inside which is big enough for a lipstick, however there is not a zip so things like money and keys wouldn’t be safe in there.

For £15.00 I thought it was an good price, you can reuse this bag/cutch multiple times, as it is black, it will go with pretty much any outfit and I personally really like it.

The only downside to it, when I was looking at the Debenhams website and the Quiz website, they both only sold it in white, so I’m not sure if the black is still available to buy or not.

The white clutch or similar clutches/ bags can be found on either the debenhams website or the Quiz website.

The perfect prom outfit on a budget (Part two- Jewellery)

Ring and bracelet

I’m quite fussy about what jewellery I buy and wear, so when I was jewellery shopping for prom, I knew exactly what I wanted; A silver ring and a bracelet.

Seeing as the neck line on my dress was quite high I thought a statement necklace would of been too over powering for the dress so I decided not to wear a necklace for prom.

Personally I don’t like gold or coloured jewellery because if your not willing to pay a lot of money, some items can look tacky, so I decided to stick with silver as no matter what the price, the majority of silver jewellery looks quite classy.

The first piece of jewellery I saw was a ring from accessorize.


Personally I’m not a huge lover of rings, I don’t wear rings everyday, and if I do wear rings, I tend to take them off after 10 minutes because it was either annoying or uncomfortable.

However I didn’t find this ring uncomfortable, and it didn’t annoy at all because it’s small and delicate. The ring costs £14.00, which I think is reasonable, as you can wear this everyday if you wanted too.


It’s good quality and hasn’t discoloured even though I wore it in the bath.

However, the picture on the website makes the ring look darker than what it is in real life and you can only get this ring in a small, medium and large sizes.

You can find this ring and other rings like this on the accessorize website.

The next item of Jewellery I picked up was a Jon Richard bracelet from Debenhams. Jon Richard Diamante crystal twisted chain bracelet

I thought this bracelet was beautiful. Even though it only cost £12,00, it looks more expensive than what it was, and the quality is really good.

Jon Richard Diamante crystal twisted chain bracelet

The bracelet comes in this box, which I thought was really nice as you may not want to wear this out everyday as it is designed for more formal occasions, so you have somewhere to put the bracelet when your not wearing it and this keeps it safe.

Jon Richard Diamante crystal twisted chain bracelet

This is the only downside to the bracelet for me; To fasten the bracelet its a fold over clasp, which sometimes its quite difficult to undo on your own. It also makes the bracelet a standard size so you can’t adjust it, so if you have slim wrists the bracelet can be baggy and therefore move around and hang over your hand which can get annoying. However the clasp finishes the look of the bracelet.

You can find this bracelet or similar ones to this on the debenhams website.