New year Outfit 

Make up


  • Rimmel match perfection concealer&highlighter-010
  • Nivea tinted moisturising day cream
  • Rimmel clear complexion powder-021


  • Benefit They’re real Mascara- top
  • Soap&Glory Thick&Fast Mascara
  • Lid-Revolution Beyond Flawless- Zorba
  • Crease-Revolution Beyond Flawless-Spice
  • Inner corner- Revolution Beyond Flawless- Dove
  • Lash Line- Mineral
  • Eyebrows-Tawny


  • Orly Colour Blast-Indigo 


  • Dress-Boohoo
  • Shoes-Debenhams


Happy new year!! xx


My Make-up wishlist 2015

Naked 3 palette

I’ve decided to create a make-up wish list, because every girl can dream, right? If you have used any of these products, please let me know what they are like!

1. Mac Lipstick- Party line

Mac liptstick- party line

At the minute I’m loving dark red/purple lipstick looks but I don’t have the confidence to rock a full on dark lip look, however because this shade isn’t as dark as other plum lipsticks, I would feel more comfortable wearing it. I like the fact that this isn’t just a day or night time colour, you can wear this lipstick all the time.


2. Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

Nars eyeshadow primer

I have been wanting this for a long time because there’s nothing worse than getting home and finding that you eyeliner and eyeshadow are basically non-existent. I have heard good reviews so I want to try it out for myself to see if it works. 


3. Real technique starter brushes

Real technique brushes

I have already got the real technique powder brush and I love it. At the minute I use body collection brushes, but I don’t own many. If anyone has used these particular brushes please let me know what they are like or if you have an alternative please let me know!


4.Urban Decay Naked 3 palette

Naked 3 palette

I’ve wanted this for along time, but to be honest I’ve been too apprehensive to spend nearly £40.00 on a eyeshadow palette, but after hearing very good reviews about this from my friends, I’ve been wanting it a lot. 


5. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara  

Roller lash

After using and falling in love with the Benefit ‘They’re real’ Mascara (mentioned in previous post) and hearing many good reviews about the Roller Lash Mascara I wanted to try it out. The only reason why I haven’t brought it yet, is because my other mascara hasn’t run out yet. 


Night time beauty routine

Looking after your skin is one of the most important things you should do. Even when you are tired you should take time to thoroughly take your make up off and cleanse your face. 

  1. Remove make-up.

It’s important to remove all of your make-up before cleansing to ensure that your face is completely clean. I use the simple purifying cleansing lotion and the simple eye make-up remover because I find that they do not irritate my eyes or face. The eye make-up remover removes waterproof mascara and is not harsh on my lashes. The cleansing lotion doesn’t make my skin feel greasy either which I have found previously with other cleansing lotions.

I would not recommend using make-up wipes to remove your make-up as they can be harsh to your skin and usually are not free from bacteria so can make your skin very bad.


The Cleansing lotion is £3.29, and the Eye-makeup remover is £3.39 which is a great price and is affordable. I would recommend these products to everyone as they are perfect for people who have sensitive skin. 

2. Wash your face

I love all the simple cleansers and scrubs but recently I have been loving the oil balancing facial scrubIt contains witch hazel which is really good for skin as it helps reduce blemishes. This scrub is also really good for removing blackheads and reduces shine for oily skin. 

Simple face scrub

For £3.99 I think that this scrub is a reasonable price for everyone and it really works. It’s also good for people that have sensitive skin as there aren’t many chemicals that will upset your skin.

3. Cleanse

I like using the Clean&Clear deep cleansing lotion as it helps reduce blemishes and helps prevent them in the future. This product is also good for people who have sensitive skin, and my face always feels fresh and clean after I have used this.

For £3.15, I think this is great value. One bottle tends to last me 1-2 months and I use it both day and night so your money goes along way. I would recommend this too all skin types.

4. Moisturise 

To moisturise my face I use Simple replenishing Rich MoisturiserI use the Rich moisturiser as I’m outside in the cold every day and my skin feels dry and tight a lot, but if you have quite moisturised skin anyway I would recommended the Simple replenishing Light Moisturiser, I tend to use this during the summer months and it works just as well.

Simple kind to skin

For £4.19, I think this is great value as it keeps my skin moisturised up to 12 hours and the bottle lasts along time. This product is also good for people with sensitive skin and doesn’t clog up your pores unlike other moisturisers that I have used in the past. 

During the day, I tend to use this product before using the Nivea tinted moisturising cream that I mentioned in a previous post, but you can also use this product under your foundation

You can buy all of these products on the boots website. I would highly recommend each of these products. 

Top 5 beauty products for Autumn.

Top 5

The first thing I have been loving this month is the Revolution Iconic 2 eyeshadow palette. 

Revolution eye shadow Revolution eye shadow

I first brought the Iconic 3 eye shadow palette a couple of months ago which I loved. I wore it during summer as it has a range of lighter colours.

However during Autumn/Winter I like to wear golden colours on my eyes so this palette is perfect for an Autumn nightout or a causal day time look.

Considering it only cost £4.00, this eyeshadow palette is very good as the colours last along time, they are very pigmented and blend well. 

eye shadow colour

The palette as it contains a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows and this time of year I tend to wear more shimmer in eyeshadows.

To get this palette or the other palettes in the Iconic range visit the Revolution website.

The next thing I have been loving is the benefit ‘They’re real! Mascara’

They're real! Mascara

This the best mascara I have ever used.

It lengthens, curls, volumizes my lashes without becoming clumpy, smudging or looking fake.

However sometimes it can sometimes be difficult to fully remove the mascara with regular eye make-up remover so I would recommend buying the ‘they’re real’ remover.

For £19.50 it’s quite expensive for a mascara however I would recommend it because it works wonders on my lashes. 

You can buy this mascara or others similar on the Benefit website.

The next thing I have been loving this month is the Rimmel scandaleye waterproof Kohl Kajai.SCANDALEYES WATERPROOF KOHL KAJAL

I have been using this eyeliner for months and I love it. Its waterproof, doesn’t run or smudge and is durable.

I have quite sensitive eyes which certain eyeliners can irritate them, however this eyeliner has never irritated my eyes. 

Even though it is waterproof, it comes off easily with eye make up remover.

Considering it costs £3.99 its a good quality and I would recommend it everyone. 

You can buy this eyeliner or similar on the Rimmel website.

I have also been loving the Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream.tinted moisturister

As I’m either on the track or in the gym everyday, I never really wear foundation because I find that it just comes off during training, and seeing as I’m training outside when its getting colder I like to make sure my face is moisturised or it gets dry very easily. 

So the Nivea tinted moisturising day cream is perfect because it gives some coverage but also keeps my face moisturised and feeling clean after training.  

The cream also has an SPF 15 which personally I think is important especially because i train outside so I want to be protected all the time. 

You can buy this cream for £4.00 from the Nivea website which I think is reasonable and affordable compared to some high street foundations. 

Lastly I have been loving the collection lasting perfection concealer.

Collection lasting perfection

This is the best concealer I have used, It gives at least 16 hours of coverage which is perfect when you go out. 

I tend to wear this if I go out at night or at the weekends and it lasts all day/night. 

You could even use a lighter colour from your skin colour and contour your nose and cheekbones. 

This only costs £4.00 which is a great price.

You can buy this concealer on the Collection website, or drug stores for example Boots.

Favourite Autumn/Winter Nail Polishes, including a Top Tip.

Winter Autumn nail polish

Painting my nails is one of my all time favourite thing to do, so I thought I would share my favourite nail polishes I reach for the most during this time of year.

Winter Autumn nail polish

I shall start Left to Right.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine- Pomegranate 

This is more of a End of summer-Start of Autumn colour as it is quite bold and bright, however I love Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail polishes as they dry looking glossy. In the Gelly Hi-Shine collection they have a great range of colours for all seasons at a very good price- £3.99.

Champneys nail polish- Mulberry

This is a very pretty dark purple colour, I love Champney nail polishes as they dry very quickly as you only need one coat, they also look glossy when they dry. However they are not a budget nail polish as they cost £15.00 each, however I would recommend them to everyone.

Champneys nail polish- Chestnut

This colour is perfect for Autumn. It’s more of a copper colour than Chestnut. Its one of my favourite from this collection because it drys within a minute of applying, It has a slight shimmer which I really like and I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear this colour. However, again this nail polish is expensive.

Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish- 25

This is the drug store equivalent to ‘Champneys, Mulberry’, they very similar in colour, however this shade is more red than purple which is perfect for Autumn/Winter months.  You would need at least 2 coats to get the true colour and the gel shine. For £4.50, I think it is reasonable price seeing as it doesn’t chip easily but you will need an under coat or it will stain your nails.

Champney nail polish- Ruby

This is my favourite nail polish out of my Autumn/Winter collection. It is a deep red with a slight shimmer, which screams out Christmas for me. Yes It’s expensive to only wear for one month a year, but the colour is so pretty I couldn’t resist. As these colours are very pigmented, you only need one coat, the standard 10ml bottle has lasted me 12 months already and still is in perfect condition, however it is important to check your nail polishes once a year as they can go gloopy and out of date.

Barry M- Treasure chest 

I love a bit of sparkle, who doesn’t? This nail polish can be used all year round, however I love to wear it around Christmas time. I tend to wear this on top of a non coloured basecoat as the majority of my Autumn/Winter collection nail polishes have a slight shimmer so I don’t want to over do it. I tend to apply 1-2 coats depending how many gold strips end up on my nails as it can be a bit hit or miss. For £4.00 I think this is very reasonable and I would defiantly recommend it.


There is nothing worse than your favourite nail polish going gloopy and you have to chuck it away. Whenever this happens pour in 2-4 drops of nail polish remover, put the lid back on the nail polish and shake. The nail polish should then be back to normal. I would only recommend doing this a couple of times per nail polish.