Small H&M bra haul!

Whenever I go on to twitter or Instagram I always come across bralettes, and some of them are beautiful. I was looking at a website called etsy– where you can buy vintage or handmade products, and I came across some beautiful bralettes however you had to pay shipping fees ect, so my order came to £50 for some bras..

However I discovered some from H&M, and I have fallen in love, they are so cute and so comfortable and they also look really nice on.

H&M bralette

I got them in white/black, however there are various other colours in packs of two or on there own.

I was a bit worried about sizes as it comes in 8,10,12 ect and not 32b,c,d ect. I ordered a size 10, and It fits perfectly and I am normally a 32C-D.

I just think bralettes are so cute and I will 100% buying more! You can buy these bralettes from the H&M website  for £12.99 for two or £6.99 each.

The next bra I ordered was a lace push up bra. I still don’t even know if push up bras work on me however this bra is very comfy, I think it is very pretty and It does give me cleavage too.

h&m bra 2

In this picture It looks strapless- It is not!!

I took a close up of the lace detail of the bra because I love it, it also has a small bow and a little silver  gem in the middle.

H&M bra

I have this bra in the colour Burgundy- however you can get it in 6 different colours.

This bra is in the sale at the minute for £3.00, however it’s normal price is £7.99, which I still think is good value. You can buy this bra or many others like it on the H&M website. 

H&M are also promoting their newsletter at the minute- if you sign up you get 25% of an item of your choice and free delivery!

I also really like the fact that you can return deliveries instore and you don’t have to send it again in the posting allowing for exchanges and refunds to happen alot quicker.


Hobbycraft haul!

As some of you many know from a recent blog post, one of my new year’s resolutions  was to create a memory jar. This is where everyday, you write a positive thing that has happened to you that day and at the end of the year you read back and ‘relive’ the happy memories of that year.

So when I was looking on the hobbycraft website, i knew this was the first thing I had to buy- A jar suitable for this.

This was the jar i found, originally I didn’t think it would be this big, however I think that the jar is perfect for what I want to do, and I can keep reusing it.

Hobbycraft jar

I like how it has a painted on chalkboard at the front to write whatever you want too, I just wrote 2016, as this is relevant to me, however you could put pasta in it and write pasta!

However I wouldn’t say the chalk lasts along time once it is written on- Just like any chalkboard, it will smudge and wear with time.

Memory jar

This is what my memory jar looks like so far!

You can pick this jar up from the hobbycraft website for £2.00, however with student discount, it cost me £1.80, which I thought was excellent value for money.

Another thing I really want to do is create a scrapbook full of memories/pictures, so I brought this scrapbook.- no doubt ill keep you updated with how it’s going!

hobbycraft scrapbook

I liked this because every page is plain brown, so you can create a different look on every page, I also liked how the ribbon at the end, as my previous scrapbooks that I have done in the past have fallen part, however the ribbon should keep everything together in one place.

The pages are also thick and good quality, you can pick a scrapbook book up from hobbycraft  for around £6.00, however with a student discount, it costs £5.40.

I also wanted to make my scrapbook look fun and interesting, so I brought a silver sharpie, 72 pieces of good quality paper and some glue.

hobbycraft glue

The glue costs £1.00 but £0.80 with the student discount, which I think is really good value as it will last along time and you can use it on multiple projects.

hobbycraft back to basicshobbycraft back to basics 3hobbycraft back to basics 2

This is the paper, there are 72 sheets of pink girly 6x6in thick paper. I brought this for £4.00 (£3.60 with student discount) which I thought was very good value. You can buy this pack of paper or many that are similar here.

This is the silver marker pen, It costs £2.50 (£2.25 with student discount) which I thought was cheap as you can obviously use this for various different projects.

hobbycraft silverpen

Insta Natural Review- Aloe Vera Gel

I was very impressed when I first opened the packaging because It had a pump and a lid. I thought this was a very good idea as you can use this product for multiple uses.

However I don’t know if the pump is broken, but I couldn’t get it to work.

I was also excited to use it as not only is it a ‘after sun’ and a moisturiser, but it also is a hair conditioner!

However as you can see, it isn’t the green colour of normal Aloe Vera gel- maybe because its natural.

I first used this product in the morning as it says that it can help with  Acne and blemishes, and I had a couple of blemishes so I thought I would try it out, and even though I do think it worked it left my skin feeling quite tight.

However I used this straight after shaving my legs and I didn’t have any Razor bumps and my legs did feel smooth. I was also impressed when I used it as a conditioner- My hair has got quite dry at the ends recently, however after using this product, It made my hair feel more nourished and soft.

You can purchase this product on the amazon website and I would recommended it to anyone who has dry or damaged hair.


disclaimer:  I was sent this item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

Soap and Glory Christmas Gift Ideas.

There are so many types of Soap and Glory gift sets that are perfect for Christmas presents, for example last year I brought a box full of different Soap and Glory products which I thought was a good idea to give out for presents to different people. This is still available at

However, This year I decided to go for something a bit different. Box view

This is a tube filled with 6 different crackers which is a perfect idea for individual gifts, or if you were having a girls Christmas dinner party, you could give everyone a cracker at the table instead of the traditional crackers.

Inside each cracker is one the following products (6x75ml/6×2.5US FL.Oz)

Soap size

CLEAN ON ME Moisture Shower Gel


RICH & FOAMOUS Shower & Bath Body Wash

FOAM CALL Shower & Bath Body Wash



I really like the idea of having a surprise about what you are going to get in each cracker, a lot like having a traditional Christmas cracker, which is why I really liked the idea.

Inside cracker

Inside each cracker is a different Soap and Glory product and a Christmas hat, which is again, good idea for Christmas Parties or individual presents.

Replacing the not so funny Christmas jokes, Soap and Glory have included words of beauty wisdom.


For £16.00 I think this is amazing value as you are technically getting 6 presents out of it.

You can purchases this Soaprise gift set or many others on the Boots website



Lamora eye brush set review

As some of you will know from my other blog post I have been looking for make-up brushes for a while.

When I ordered these from Amazon I was a bit reluctant because I didn’t know the brand, I had no idea what they felt like or what the quality was like.

However there were lots of good reviews so I just thought why not, and I must say I am very impressed.

I have been using these brushes for a while and not one hair has fallen out, they are very soft and they are very useful when you want to blend.

laumora 1

The angle detailer

Angle Detailer

This is perfect for using eye shadow as eyeliner as you can easily get the eye lash line with this brush, however it is also very good for using in the inside corner of your eyelid.

The small shader

small shader

I use this for the middle part of my eyelid to blend in the crease and the inside corner shadows in which I feel works really well.

The angled shader

Angle Shader.jpg

I tend to find that this brush is too big to use as eye shadow, so I tend to use it for blending in my under-eye concealer when I have dark circles as the angle allows you to work all the way up to the lash line for an even finish.

The detailed pencil

Detailed pencil

I tend to use this brush for the inside of my eye lid because it is so small, I’m not sure I have fully grown to love this brush yet because it is so small it doesn’t really feel like it’s doing much.

The blending brush.

Blending brush

This is the best blending brush I have used, and I would defiantly recommend this.

The precise shader

Precise Shader

Again this brush is very small so I tend to use this in the corner of my eye with a lighter shade as I feel like it can make eyes look lighter and bigger.

The classic shader

Classic Shadrer

This brush is quite thick so I either tend to use it for the base eye shadow towards the middle of my eyelid or I use it to blend in concealer, in which I find that it works well both ways.

I would recommend these brushes to anyone as they are small enough to fit in a travel bag so are easy to take on holiday or for day trips, but also work amazing and defiantly worth the price as the quality is very good.

For more information on these brushes visit the Lamora Website





Top 5 beauty products for Autumn.

Top 5

The first thing I have been loving this month is the Revolution Iconic 2 eyeshadow palette. 

Revolution eye shadow Revolution eye shadow

I first brought the Iconic 3 eye shadow palette a couple of months ago which I loved. I wore it during summer as it has a range of lighter colours.

However during Autumn/Winter I like to wear golden colours on my eyes so this palette is perfect for an Autumn nightout or a causal day time look.

Considering it only cost £4.00, this eyeshadow palette is very good as the colours last along time, they are very pigmented and blend well. 

eye shadow colour

The palette as it contains a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows and this time of year I tend to wear more shimmer in eyeshadows.

To get this palette or the other palettes in the Iconic range visit the Revolution website.

The next thing I have been loving is the benefit ‘They’re real! Mascara’

They're real! Mascara

This the best mascara I have ever used.

It lengthens, curls, volumizes my lashes without becoming clumpy, smudging or looking fake.

However sometimes it can sometimes be difficult to fully remove the mascara with regular eye make-up remover so I would recommend buying the ‘they’re real’ remover.

For £19.50 it’s quite expensive for a mascara however I would recommend it because it works wonders on my lashes. 

You can buy this mascara or others similar on the Benefit website.

The next thing I have been loving this month is the Rimmel scandaleye waterproof Kohl Kajai.SCANDALEYES WATERPROOF KOHL KAJAL

I have been using this eyeliner for months and I love it. Its waterproof, doesn’t run or smudge and is durable.

I have quite sensitive eyes which certain eyeliners can irritate them, however this eyeliner has never irritated my eyes. 

Even though it is waterproof, it comes off easily with eye make up remover.

Considering it costs £3.99 its a good quality and I would recommend it everyone. 

You can buy this eyeliner or similar on the Rimmel website.

I have also been loving the Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream.tinted moisturister

As I’m either on the track or in the gym everyday, I never really wear foundation because I find that it just comes off during training, and seeing as I’m training outside when its getting colder I like to make sure my face is moisturised or it gets dry very easily. 

So the Nivea tinted moisturising day cream is perfect because it gives some coverage but also keeps my face moisturised and feeling clean after training.  

The cream also has an SPF 15 which personally I think is important especially because i train outside so I want to be protected all the time. 

You can buy this cream for £4.00 from the Nivea website which I think is reasonable and affordable compared to some high street foundations. 

Lastly I have been loving the collection lasting perfection concealer.

Collection lasting perfection

This is the best concealer I have used, It gives at least 16 hours of coverage which is perfect when you go out. 

I tend to wear this if I go out at night or at the weekends and it lasts all day/night. 

You could even use a lighter colour from your skin colour and contour your nose and cheekbones. 

This only costs £4.00 which is a great price.

You can buy this concealer on the Collection website, or drug stores for example Boots.